Agency/Department Buy-Back GLOCK Pistols

Custom Glock Upgraded Department PistolHARDCORE HARDWARE FIREARMS offers both stock/OEM and reconditioned/upgraded agency trade-in Glock pistols. We typically receive the Gen 3 – Gen 5  19, 17, 22, 26, 31 and 21 models. While the exterior finish on these pistols may show some wear from prior duty use, most actually have a realativley low round count with many only ever being fired for qualification purposes. Each pistol has been completely disassembled, inspected and thoroughly cleaned.

We also offer these agency trade-in Glocks with the following upgrades/features…

• Suarez Int’l front and rear iron sights
• Suarez Int’l machined (17-4 stainless steel) slide back plate
• Suarez Int’l machined (17-4 stainless steel) “Extreme Reliability” extractor system
• Suarez Int’l “Face Shooter” flat aluminum trigger shoe or the Timney Trigger’s EFT shoe (depending on stock/availability)
• OEM high polished trigger bar and connector
• New OEM recoil spring assembly unit
• New firing pin / striker spring
• New safety plunger & spring
• New extended slide release
• New machined (6061 alloy) magazine catch
• New machined (416 stainless steel) slide lock for better lock up and improved accuracy

These highly optioned Glock pistols will provide a lifetime of accurate and reliable service. They may be previewed in the HHF Classifieds section or by visiting our Facebook page Hardcore Hardware

*Custom configurations/options are available by request!

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