HHF is pleased to offer these Remington 870 Police Magnum 12-gauge agency/dept buy-backs. This pump-action shotgun was specifically designed to meet the rigorous needs of law enforcement. The 870 Police Magnum is built on a unique action and boasts a balanced sear providing a very smooth and ultra-reliable operation. The steel receiver is produced in a matte black parkerized finish and comes outfitted with either synthetic or wood furniture. Every agency/dept. buy-back 870 that comes through HHF is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and will provide years of reliable service. These are true workhorses!

870 Police Magnum Features:

  • Non-binding twin action bars.
  • Receiver milled from solid block of steel.
  • 3” chamber accepts all 2.75” & 3” 12 gauge shells.
  • 5 + 1 Capacity (depending on length/configuration)
  • Steel-lined/grooved fore-end.
  • Breech block locks into barrel extension for strength and consistent head space.
  • Balanced sear and inertia firing pin prevents discharge unless action is closed, and trigger is pulled.
  • Flexitab feeding system prevents a misfeed from jamming the shotgun.
  • Cross-bolt safety.
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